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A 24-Year-Old Teacher Makes $52k A Year In Virginia

So many of our friends are single, not necessarily by choice, and it makes us all the more grateful that we found each other in college. From what we’ve gathered about the dating scene for Gen Z, it seems like dating can be a very shallow experience. Some of our friends have been in terrible relationships because they just wanted a partner, while other friends haven’t been in a relationship in years because they can’t bring themselves to be vulnerable with other people. My husband and I always say that our relationship is successful for two reasons: First, where one of us is weak, the other is strong, and we work at continuing to balance each other out as life changes. Second, neither of us is perfect, but we’re perfect for each other. My husband is not Prince Charming, and I’m not a perfect 10, but we forgive each other when we mess up and value each other, flaws included.



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