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“Antarctica Is a Prison” – MrBeast Close Peers Explains the Challenges of the Icy Desert and How They Almost Landed Themselves in Trouble

Published 12/29/2022, 11:30 AM EST
Lately, MrBeast and his crew went to Antarctica to film a video about surviving 50 hours in the icy desert. The video immensely entertained the viewers and stands as one of the unique videos of MrBeast. The video had its members face one of the toughest challenges on Earth.
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Karl Jacobs, Sapnap, and George who accompanied MrBeast to Antarctica took some time out to film the Banter podcast and shared their experiences on the most remote places on Earth. For starters, the trio explained that the storms on the land are not normal snowstorms.
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As a matter of fact, the snowstorms are really dry and windy which also hindered them to set up tents and walk on the lands of Antarctica. More so, one has to drink water and eat food from bags which kind of gives a jelly-like feeling due to the coldness of the vicinity.
Despite the negative temperature, the icy desert is widely known for its everlasting beauty. And it turns out, there are some extreme measures to maintain this beauty, and the trio shared how the trip was almost jeopardized.
MrBeast crew members share the close call that could have stopped the filming of the video
Karl, Sapnap, and George shared how there are certain rules that one has to follow to spend time in Antarctica. Normally, one cannot urinate on the snow and has to deposit it in a bottle which gets further transferred to a bigger one. Not only that, the trio informed that then it is taken to Chile where it is ridden off for good.
Source: Banter YT
Basically, the people visiting the land are cautioned to avoid activities that can harm the beauty of the land’s nature. That way it simply implies that violating the rules could make one be flown out of there immediately. And it seems they had a close call during the filming of the video.
Sapnap recalled Karl admitting, “Antarctica is a prison,” to which he gave an explanation. Karl said that from their base camp’s cafeteria, he usually took two soda cans so that he could save one inside his tent. However, he and Sapnap left the cans outside leaving the probability of them exploding.
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To see what happened, George explained how he and Dream went out to see if the cans had exploded. He described, “We walk over there and Dream goes, ‘Oh my God it exploded.’ I thought he was joking and I look around and I just see orange splattered all over the snow.”
Source: Banter YT
Nevertheless, Karl and Sapnap cleaned the snow in 10-15 minutes and were clear of getting thrown out of the icy desert. This instance is enough to portray how meticulous the authorities are with their rules and policies toward preserving nature.
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What would you do if you ever go to Antarctica? Tell us in the comments below.



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