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Biden admin allowed more than 100K migrants into US in June

More than 100,000 migrants were allowed into the US in June — despite President Biden’s crackdown that purportedly cut off asylum claims for illegal border crossers.
The stunning figure includes 30,000 illegal border crossers were who were allowed in — more than one-third of all migrants caught at the US-Mexico border, according to leaked documents obtained by The Post.
The documents from the Department of Homeland Security show that thousands of illegal migrants are still being allowed into the US each week, even though Biden had claimed his executive order would stem the tide of migrants being allowed into the US.
Additionally, various loopholes and programs launched by the Biden administration allow thousands more migrants per day into the country by legal routes — including the CBP One app and flights from places like Venezuela and Haiti.
The total figure of migrants allowed to stay in the US in June is 103,500, an analysis by The Post shows.
Illegal border crossings in June dropped by about 20% from the same month in 2023.
5 Despite instituting a ‘crackdown’ on illegal border crossings, border agents are still releasing tens of thousands of migrants into the US. Getty Images
The 84,000 migrants caught at the border last month is the the lowest illegal border crossing figure during the Biden administration.
But, the migrants who were released have future court dates in the US — adding to the backlog of more than 3 million pending cases in immigration courts across the country.
5 Biden’s ‘crackdown’ will continue until daily crossings hit an average of 1,500 or less per day for a week.
Biden’s executive order went into effect June 5 and will remain as long as crossings don’t fall below an average of 1,500 daily crossings for seven days in a row — a level not reached since the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.
If the restrictions pause, they can go back into effect if and when crossings average 2,500 or more for another week.
While the order remains in effect, migrants crossing the southern border illegally are supposed to be ineligible for asylum. However, the policy allows for a number of exceptions including for migrants with a fear of returning home or for unaccompanied children.
There are also several other ways that migrants are allowed to stay in the US.
5 Biden’s executive order offers several different exceptions to deportation, including for migrants who have a well-founded fear of returning to their home country. James Breeden for the New York Post
Migrants crossing into the San Diego region who come from more than 100 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa are exempt from the executive order’s restrictions — and are being released into the country because their countries won’t accept deportees.
5 Roughly 37% of migrants who crossed the US-Mexico border illegally in June were released into the US with a future court date. Getty Images
The Biden administration also continues to accept up to 30,000 migrants per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, who arrive on commercial flights to the US via a humanitarian parole program.
Another 1,450 migrants per day who use the CBP One phone app to cross the border legally from Mexico at an entry port.
It’s not clear exactly how many migrants were allowed into the US under these programs in June.
5 Biden’s executive order doesn’t apply to migrants from over 100 countries who cross into the San Diego region, an internal memo to agents previously revealed. James Breeden for the New York Post
Biden’s Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, touted the latest restrictions as a success during a visit to Tucson, Arizona, last week.
“The president’s actions are working because of their tough response to illegal crossings and because they built on our sustained effort to exercise our full authorities to enforce the law and impose consequences for illegal entry.”



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