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Bill would make feds alert states before sending them migrants

WASHINGTON — A Republican senator wants DC to give states a heads-up before shipping migrants from the US-Mexico border to other jurisdictions.
“Americans deserve to know who is being pushed into their communities at taxpayers’ expense,” Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) exclusively told The Post.
The National Oversight of Transported Immigrants to Communities is Essential (NOTICE) Act, which Marshall introduced Thursday, would force federal agencies to provide states with key information about migrants whom the government transfers to their locations.
“The secretary of Homeland Security and the secretary of Health and Human Services shall notify the governor of a state and the chief executive officer of a unit of local government in such state of any alien that is being transported by … entit[ies] receiving federal funding for such transportation from a location within 100 miles of the United States border,” the legislation says.
The required information — to be sent before any migrant leaves — would include a name, age, gender and country of origin, criminal record, and disclosure of whether the individual has been or is associated with a gang, according to a copy of the legislation obtained by The Post.
3 Sen. Roger Marshall introduced a bill that would require the federal government to notify states before sending them migrants from the US-Mexico border. AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough
3 Migrants getting on a bus in Eagle Pass, Texas, that will transport them to New York on September 22, 2023. James Keivom
Additionally, the agencies would have to disclose “the types of security screenings that have been performed” on the migrants, according to the bill.
The legislation comes as New York, Washington, DC, and other liberal locations grapple with a surge of migrants as border states such as Texas bus new arrivals to their jurisdictions.
“You’d think when you have Democrat governors in deep-blue states like Illinois and New York complaining about the strain and cost the busing of migrants has had on their states, that this administration would start to show some willingness here in Washington to secure the border, but it hasn’t,” Marshall said.
In September and October 2022, at least two migrant flights carrying more than 25 minors arrived at Orange County Airport in Montgomery, NY from El Paso, Texas. The upstate village’s mayor ripped into Biden at the time, calling the operation “clandestine.”
“We were never informed about any flights coming into the airport,” Montgomery Mayor Steve Brescia told The Post. “It’s just disturbing we weren’t informed of any of this.”
3 A migrant family arriving at the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, on October 26, 2023. / MEGA
The migrants were sent to 12 locations, including children’s homes and shelters scattered across the tri-state and New York City suburban areas.
Despite criticizing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for shipping migrants north, Biden’s administration has been conducting such secretive flights since at least last year.
“Joe Biden’s border crisis has made every single community across the country less safe,” Marshall said. “Nothing about the invasion at our southern border is compassionate, it’s certainly not safe, and absolutely unsustainable.”
The notification requirement would only apply to migrants shipped by the federal government. No such information is required on new arrivals sent by states or by privately funded groups.



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