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Carbon Credit Market to Surpass US$ 145.04 Billion by 2030

The one-on-ones at the Rolex LPGA Awards 2023 have been an added attraction. As interviews get up close and personal, untold stories are shared. Iconic moments on and off the course through the year are revealed. Some pranksters are caught and some masterminds found.
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One such iconic moment during the season involved Angel Yin at the Solheim Cup. The LPGA Tour pro was part of the United States team at the biennial event, where she was made to wear sunglasses towards the end of a press conference. Yin finally revealed who the mastermind was behind the incident that went viral.
Knight, the mastermind
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Yin was asked about it on the LPGA Awards night on Thursday. “Cheyenne Knight is the mastermind behind all this. So, beginning of the week she was talking about Dion Sanders. And I’m like, ‘Who’s that?’ I’m a little bit into it (football) now. But she was telling us about him, (that) this guy is pretty cool.”
“We would have a press conference together and she was like, ‘Would you wear a pair of sunglasses’? I was like, ‘OK, why not’. And there were sunglasses right there and I put it on,” Yin revealed the secret to the LPGA interviewer.
Just prior to the LPGA Awards, the women’s Tour announced Yin as the champion of the 2023 Aon Risk Reward Challenge. This has been a season-long competition where the winner was picked for her ability to make better decisions on the most strategically challenging holes throughout the LPGA Tour season.
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Yin won the Aon Trophy and got $1 million as prize money. She was asked about that as well. What is she going to do with all that money? “Nothing. I (am) gonna pay my caddie, pay my tax (and) be a good citizen,” replied the 25-year-old. Her calmness sort of caught the interviewer a little off-guard.
Yin’s year of success
This has been a pretty good year for Yin on the personal front. Team USA lost to Team Europe at the Solheim Cup alright, but the American finished second at the Chevron Championship. Then, after her 159th start on the Tour, she was finally a winner. She stood first at the Buick LPGA Shanghai. Yin rounded off the season well by winning the Aon Trophy.
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She also had her moment when she met former US President Barack Obama last month and had a round of golf with him. Yin couldn’t conceal her excitement. “Just met Obama y’all and he knows who I am,” she posted on X.
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