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Charlize Theron’s panned flop hits Netflix US charts 22 years later

generalize 2002 movie trapped“” starring Charlize Theron is a success on Netflix.
trapped Not when I came in. Ranked 9 on Netflix’s US top 10 list.
trapped It was harshly criticized upon release and bombed at the box office.
Charlize Theron movies trapped It ended up being an unexpected success on Netflix.Adapted from the novel by Greg Ayers 24 hours, trapped is a 2002 psychological thriller about a couple who struggle to rescue their daughter after she is kidnapped. The film is directed by Louis Mendoqui and stars Theron alongside Kevin Bacon, Courtney Love and Dakota Fanning.
Now, trapped Netflix was successful, entering the top 10 in the US charts. trapped Not when I came in. It ranked No. 9 on the list for the week of January 8 to January 14.Topping the list is Lift, Snow Associationand Equalizer 3.
“The Trap” Criticism Acceptance Explanation
Although it is now regaining success, trapped Didn’t experience the same positive reaction when it was originally released. trapped“Tomatometer” ranks 17% on the Rotten Tomatoes website.Audience rating was slightly higher at 48%, but still left trapped generally received negative reviews.
trapped Also considered a huge box office failure. During its 2002 release, the film grossed only $13.4 million at the global box office.That’s a weak performance considering its estimated $30 million, which makes it trapped Finally lost money. This massive flop is surprising considering the cast included big-name stars like Theron, Bacon, and Fanning.
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trapped Perhaps it failed to make an impact when it was released in 2002, but luckily it achieved some belated success when it entered the Netflix charts.this success trapped Part of the reason may be due to Bacon’s appearance in the hit Netflix series leave the world behind, as viewers may be recommended other content related to the actor.However trappedof Success is coming, which is great news for both Bacon and Theron as they work on their next roles, including Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F For bacon and Atomic Blonde 2 for Theron).
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