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“Daddy Jay Blessing Us With the Best Knowledge”: Bodybuilding World Thankful to Jay Cutler for Sharing Tips to Build Massive Arms

Published 12/30/2022, 11:15 AM EST
Most people desire a good physique and are ready to do anything for it, be it diet, exercise, or some extreme measures. But the problem that arises with most is not getting correct guidance. Well, now, Jay Cutler is here to help. The bodybuilding legend recently gave some exquisite tips for building massive arms on his Instagram handle. The 4x Mr. Olympia recently uploaded a video exhibiting some basic yet effective exercises to create good size biceps and triceps. Moreover, his fans took his advice with open arms and poured immense affection on the bodybuilding legend.
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What do his fans have to say about Jay Cutler’s bodybuilding tips? And what are the exercises he talked about? Let us find out.
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The bodybuilding fans appreciated Cutler’s simplicity of routines
Before moving on to the six workout routines that Jay Cutler has advised for the massive growth of arms, let us have a look at what his fans and followers have to say about his tips. Most of the followers seemed extremely happy and related to what Cutler suggested because of the basic exercises he advised.
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Some followers immediately appreciated the simplicity of the tips with maximum results. They wrote, “Notice how he said all the most basic simple exercises,” “Kept it simple but effective. No fancy hocus pocus movements. Basic movers.” Whereas some of the fans admired his unageing condition and wrote, “Jay Cutler doesnot look old. He looks like 2005 version of himself.”
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It didn’t stop there. Cutler even inspired his fans to keep up with basic movements rather than getting tangled with complex ones. One of the fans wrote, “My EXACT work out and I thought I was keeping it too simple but I remembered it’s not about how COMPLICATED it is it’s about how CONSISTENT you are !” Moreover, a few fans simply thanked him for his precious tips. They wrote, “Daddy Jay blessing us with the best knowledge 🙌🔥,” “Always throwing out fire boss! Thank you Jay💪🏻.”
Jay Cutler’s masterclass for massive arms
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Who will be a better bodybuilding advisor than the one who defeated the 8x Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman? Jay Cutler has worked immensely hard on his physique to be called a champion. In the video, Cutler briefly talks about the six exercises to build the most insane arms. He even captioned the post, “How to build the most INSANE arms 💪 #gymtips.”
Here are the six movements Cutler suggested for massive arm growth. He said, “How to build the most insane arms?” So here comes the three basic yet impactful biceps workouts. “My top three movements for biceps would be ‘Hammer Curl’, which is little turned in, ‘Alternate Dumbbell Curl’ and lastly ‘The Barbell Curl’.” Moving on, here are the three workout movements for building massive triceps. He continued, “But for Triceps which is the larger muscle of the arm, I would say ‘Dips’ are really really beneficial, your ‘Rope Press Downs’, which I get a great contraction out of and lastly the ‘French Overhead Press’ is most solid to build the most insane arms.”
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So what do you think about the arm workout tips by the four-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler? Let us know in the comments section.



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