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Dead by Daylight, Among Us, and More Deliver April Fools Day Gags You Can Actually Play

It’s the most annoying day of the yeeeeear – yes, in case you haven’t looked at the calendar and are wondering why everyone’s gone crazy, today is April Fools Day. While some gags are fun enough (CDPR’s floppy disc edition of Cyberpunk 2077 is cute) too many are just kind of lame, or worse, promise something kind of cool-sounding, with the punchline being… that it’s not happening. Ho ho!
Thankfully, some studios have realized that a lot of folks are kinda over the standard approach to April Fools, and have instead gone the extra step of doing gags that are actually playable! So, if you’re done with the joke being on you, here’s a few gags that actually give you something…
Dead by Daylight – My Little Oni
This limited-time Dead by Daylight mode expands The Oni Killer to giant-size, while also shrinking the Survivors, allowing you to squash ‘em like bugs. This mode is only available until April 3, so get in on it while you can!
Among Us – Long Mode
Among Us usually does right by April Fools Day with an actually-playable mode, and this year they deliver Long Mode. As in, the crewmates are actually long like snakes? Why? I dunno, why not? Long Mode will be available in the game until April 8.
For Honor – Switcheroo
Everyone’s weapons have been switched! Vikings with katanas, Raiders with parasols, and so on. This one’s only available until tomorrow, so get in on it.
Have you ever dreamed of a survival game where you play as a gun-wielding duck? No? Well, too bad, Duckside exists anyways. Coming from the Hello Neighbor devs at TinyBuild, this is apparently a real game with playtesting coming soon.
In addition to the above playable gags, there are a number that aren’t real right now, but might become so in the future. Palworld: More Than Just Pals, a dating sim version of the Pokemon-inspired phenomenon, is something the devs seem to be teasing pretty seriously, and hey, let’s not act like there would be an audience for it.
Now that we’ve largely survived it, how did you enjoy April Fools Day 2024? Any gags actually get a chuckle out of you? Feel free to share ‘em below.



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