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Full Tour of New DVC Cabin at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Join us for a tour of one of the new Disney Vacation Club Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.
The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort
On a recent trip to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, we had the opportunity to tour a model of one of the new DVC cabins..
As promised by the initial concept art, the cabins are green with wood paneling surrounding the doors and windows of the entryway. Guests can approach the cabin’s entrance via a long wooden ramp or a short flight of stairs.
To enter and exit the cabin, guests can either use the main front door or sliding glass doors.
Each cabin features a personal deck space. On the deck, guests will find a wooden table, an umbrella, and four wooden chairs. The patio furniture sits in front of the sliding glass doors, furthest away from the stairs.
Each cabin number is displayed on a plaque on the side of the cabin that is closest to the entrances of the ramp and stairs. The plaques are dark green with pine trees cut into them. The yellow numbers sit beneath the trees.
Each cabin features a parking space for a golf cart. Golf carts are not included in the price of the cabin, but they can be rented for use around Fort Wilderness. The golf carts come with water-resistant covers that protect guests from the elements.
The golf cart seat backs are shaped like Mickey’s head and feature his smiling face.
Living Space
When guests enter their cabin, they will walk into a living area and dining nook. The living space features a couch, a chair, multiple end tables, and a coffee table that opens up and can be used for storage.
Each living space is equipped with a 65-inch TV mounted to the wall that connects the living space with the bedroom.
Above the couch, guests will find a painting of Mickey and Pluto driving into Fort Wilderness with a trailer in tow. “Greetings From Fort Wilderness” is written at the top of the painting.
However, there is more to this wall art than meets the eye. If guests pull either of the two handles, they will find a queen-size Murphy bed.
The bed already has sheets on it, so guests will just need to add pillows and extra blankets. The bed has a wooden headboard, and above the headboard is another painting. This one features Mickey and Pluto sleeping at their campsite. Chip and Dale sleep in a tree above Pluto. “See ya in the mornin’ at Fort Wilderness” is written on the painting.
The pillows for the Murphy bed can be found inside the coffee table.
Vinyl curtains can be closed to block the windows and doors at the front of the cabin. The curtains feature a setting sun in the middle of a forest. In the foreground, grass grows around a silhouetted wooden fence.
For complete privacy, guests can lower white shades to block the top windows.
Kitchen & Dining Space
The fully-equipped kitchen features a wooden dining table, four chairs, a refrigerator, an oven/range, a dishwasher, a microwave, a kitchen sink, a Keurig, a toaster, paper towels, and plenty of cabinet space. The lampshade covering the light above the dining table features backpack straps.
The cabinets are stocked with glasses, mason jars, mugs, plates, and bowls.
Guests will find additional bowls and useful cooking equipment in other cabinets.
The drawers are stocked with plenty of silverware. In addition to spoons, forks, and knives, guests will also find a bottle opener and a can opener.
When exiting the kitchen, guests can head down a hallway to find a closet and vanity. At the end of this hallway, they will also find the cabin’s bathroom.
The vanity outside of the bathroom features a sink, wall mirror, vanity mirror, and an overhead light. Guests can use the area beneath the sink for extra storage if needed.
On the wall, a poster shows Chip and Dale practicing archery by shooting an acorn at a small target. At the cabin behind them, larger targets are set up in front of a hanging curtain. “Enjoy Archery Fort Wilderness” is written beneath Chip and Dale.
Inside the bathroom, guests will find a shower, vanity, and toilet.
Each shower features both a stationary and handheld showerhead. Inside the shower, guests will also find shampoo, conditioner, and body wash mounted to the wall.
The vanity features a mirror with a light-up border. This area does not include a vanity mirror, so guests looking to use that type of mirror will need to use the one at the vanity in the hallway.
Next to the vanity, guests will find a closet with an ironing board and a collapsible laundry basket.
The bedroom features a queen-size bed and twin-size bunk beds. A black wooden ladder allows guests to get from the ground to the top bunk. The top bunk is surrounded by a black railing to prevent guests from accidentally falling.
Above the queen bed’s headboard are three pieces of artwork carved into tree trunks. Chip and Dale are etched into the tree trunks on the ends, while the middle one features leaves.
On the nightstand between the queen-size bed and the bunk bed, guests will find a phone and a “Hey Disney” device.
Two colorful oars are found at the head of each bunk bed. A mural of a campsite at night is painted on the wall beside the bunk beds.
The top part of the mural shows the moon in a cloudy sky. An owl is awake in a tree. In another tree, a chipmunk happily sleeps.
The mural next to the bottom bunk features a chipmunk using an acorn as a pillow as he sleeps on a tree branch. Duck feet stick out of a triangular tent next to an extinguished fire. A fishing pole rests on a log next to a lantern.
Across from the beds, a 55-inch TV is mounted above a dresser. The dresser has three drawers and a cabinet. Between the dresser and TV, guests will find two electrical sockets.
Next to the dresser, guests will find a closet. This closet has numerous hangers, some extra shelf space, and a removable folding luggage rack. The wall of the closet features a mural of a tree. A bird stands on a fence post next to the tree, as other birds fly above the forest in the distance.
Guests in need of extra storage space can find it in one of the drawers beneath the bottom bunk.
Watch our video tour below.
The new DVC cabins are set to open on July 1, 2024. Reservations for the new cabins are open to all guests now.
What do you think of the new DVC Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort? Let us know in the comments.
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