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“I’m Done Eating Meat” – US Soccer Star Alex Morgan Says She Shifted to Plant Based Food Due to Ethical Reasons

Published 12/28/2022, 5:45 AM EST
Alex Morgan is one of the fittest female soccer players currently playing. The 33-year-old USWNT star has an ‘age-defying’ figure for sure. However, the secret behind that figure is her vegan diet.
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An athlete’s diet is a very integral part of their game. In 2017, Morgan decided it was time to go vegan. She also saw her other teammates doing the same thing. After asking around, she figured that the vegan diet was not impacting their game negatively.
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Morgan then decided to try it, too. And since that day, she’s never looked back.
When and why did Alex Morgan go vegan?
The American soccer star had eaten meat her whole life. However, the new vegan trend seemed of some interest to her because of her love for animals. Morgan said that the first thing she tried to find out was whether that would affect her game.
EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT – JULY 05: Alex Morgan #13 of the United States takes a shot in the second half against Mexico during the Send Off series at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field on July 05, 2021 in East Hartford, Connecticut. The United States defeated Mexico 4-0. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
But she then saw her teammates Toni Pressley and Shelina Zadorsky practicing a plant-based diet too. Morgan then noticed that the vegan diet was not affecting their game negatively. That very instance was her ‘I am done eating meat’ moment. That’s when she took her first step towards veganism.
On ‘Trained’, A NIKE podcast, Morgan said, “I am done eating meat. I went like vegetarian and slowly went plant-based after that, weaned off dairy and eggs and had to kind off learn over the next 3-6 months, okay where do I get my protein how do I balance my meals?”
Morgan’s priority was her ability to play soccer at the highest level. Going vegan was a secondary choice that she took. She said, “I feel in general that it hasn’t hurt me on the field, it has helped me like a feel I’m able to recover better, I don’t feel fatigued, I don’t feel need as much caffeine as I used to need…”
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The USWNT superstar then ended by saying, “Initially I did it for more ethical reasons but then I just realized all the health benefits as well”. All in all, Alex Morgan now seems pretty convinced and driven toward maintaining her plant-based diet.
Jamie Vardy is the complete opposite!
Athletes from all around the world follow a personalized diet. But there are some athletes whose diet could be considered ridiculous. One such soccer player’s name is Jamie Vardy. English soccer great, Jamie Vardy went viral a few years when he revealed his pre-match diet to the world.
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On the night before the match, Vardy would drink a glass of wine. The next morning, he’d have a can of Red Bull as soon as he woke up. Followed by breakfast that consisted of a cheese-and-ham omelet with coffee.
He then crazily ends this ritual by having a second can of Red Bull an hour before kick-off.
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Do you follow a specific diet to function more efficiently? Let us know the specifics of your diet in the comments below.



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