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“Keep Playing if You Got Pregnant” – US Soccer Star Says NFL Player and Husband JJ Watt Helped Her Through Tough Mental Health Problems While Playing in the NWSL

Published 12/29/2022, 6:00 AM EST
Certain taboos about women playing sports have existed in society for a long time. But with all that misconceptions, women have always proved to be mastering various sports as well. And in soccer, the women’s game is progressing really quickly.
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The Watt family is one of the most loved families in sports. Earlier this year, the Watt family welcomed a baby boy into this world. In a recent interview, USWNT star Kealia Watt spoke about how her husband and NFL player JJ Watt supported her during the time she was pregnant.
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Kealia reveals how JJ Watt was there for her during her pregnancy
In a recent conversation with the Insider, Kealia Watt spoke about her struggles as a female soccer player. She spoke about how parenthood changes you as an individual completely. Kealia opened up about how her husband, JJ Watt, was always there for her.
She told Insider, “I’m lucky enough my husband is so supportive and he wants me to do whatever I want to do”. She continued, “But that part of it has been really mentally hard for me to go back and forth and try to decide what I wanna do”.
The American soccer star revealed that earlier, if a player got pregnant, they were expected to stop playing professional soccer. Kealia considered herself lucky to even have the option to continue playing soccer. She said, “It really was not common to keep playing if you got pregnant. Now it really is kind of expected that you would still play and you can keep playing, and that’s what’s been so cool to see”.
Kealia also said that the NWSL has now started taking extra efforts to accommodate mothers. The NWSL sets up rooms and arranges for travel separately.
“Don’t Want to Deprive Her of That” – NFL Star and Soccer Husband JJ Watt Ready to Help Wife Kealia Balance Motherhood and NWSL Career
While every sports player is supposed to portray a very rough and tough image of themselves, at the same time, every player is also human. There are times when everyone needs support physically and emotionally.
Alex Morgan had a similar story to tell
Recently, American soccer star Alex Morgan also revealed her journey when she was pregnant. Morgan’s story was very similar to this. She mentioned that the thing she needed the most was support from her family. The soccer star described that phase of her as ‘crazy’.
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ORLANDO, FL – JUNE 20: Orlando Pride forward Alex Morgan 13 and her daughter Charlie after the NWSL soccer match between the Orlando Pride and the NY/NJ Gotham FC on June 20, 2021 at Explorer Stadium in Orlando, FL. Photo by Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire SOCCER: JUN 20 NWSL – NJ/NY Gotham FC at Orlando Pride Icon2106201456
After the child’s birth, there would always be someone home with her. She mentioned that her family, especially her mother, helped her when needed. However, that tiny bit of help made a big difference in the long run.
This time is the most crucial time for the child and mother too. Kealia Watt and Alex Morgan were fortunate enough to have families support them throughout this process.
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