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MACHENIKE Unveils Flagship Mini-GTX PC, Featuring AMD Ryzen 8040 APUs At $400

Chinese mini-PC manufacturer MACHENIKE has unveiled a new Mini PC, featuring AMD’s Ryzen 8040 “Hawk Point” APUs for around $400 US.
MACHENIKE Decides To Switch To AMD For Its Next Flagship Mini PC, Ryzen 8040 APUs At Decent Price Points Below $500 US
MACHENIKE is a renowned firm when it comes to computing products in China, and they have released a wide range of products, with the more famous ones being the Creator Mini II mini PCs with Intel’s 13th and 14th Gen CPUs. However, this time, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to take things to the next level, introducing their latest MACHENIKE mini-GTX PC to commemorate the firm’s 10th anniversary. It is reported that the mini-GTX is the firm’s flagship product, designed to deliver the best to its consumers.
Starting with the specifications, the mini-GTX Mini PC will feature AMD’s top Ryzen 7 8845HS APU from the firm’s recently released Ryzen 8000 series. This chip has eight Zen 4 cores, 16 threads, a core clock of up to 5.1 GHz, and a TDP that can be configured between 45W-54W which can be tuned up to 65W and 16 MB of L3 cache.
To drive gaming, the chip features the RDNA 3-based AMD Radeon 780M iGPU, which offers 12 compute units clocked at 2700 MHz. Regarding computing and graphics performance, the Mini PC is a very well-balanced machine with high-end capabilities and the fastest AI NPU on the market right now.
Interestingly, in terms of the overall design, the mini-GTX Mini PC has an illuminated logo at the very top, resembling Superman’s logo, at least in my eyes. The overall chassis is solid metallic, and the usual gray color scheme runs around, so there’s nothing too fancy. The whole PC measures 12.8*12.8*5cm and comes in a 0.82L chassis.
The mini-GTX is a solid pick for those interested in a daily driver compute machine since it offers decent performance and portability and is suitable for an average consumer. However, since MACHENIKE’s products are often regionally limited, we might not see the mini-GTX released globally.
In terms of pricing, the lowest you can go is 2,899 yuan / $400, which includes 16 GB memory and 1 TB SSD capacity onboard. The 32 GB variant will cost you around 3,499 yuan / $483, which is decent but a high price to pay for a mini-PC.
News Source: Weibo



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