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Nokia launches dedicated entity to offer 5G-ready solutions to US federal agencies

The launch of Nokia Federal Solutions is an important step in the development of our defense business and highlights our ongoing commitment to the U.S market. I look forward to seeing our high-performance and reliable communications solutions support the U.S government and U.S federal agencies to help them achieve their goals
Nokia announced it has decided to strengthen its position in the United States by launching a dedicated entity that focuses on providing “innovative technologies” to the US federal government.The new entity called Nokia Federal Solutions (NFS) will make use of the technology portfolio owned by Nokia Bell Labs to meet the demands and needs of the US federal government.,” said Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia.According to Nokia, its new entity will provide critical technology and services to various agencies, as well as create solutions that meet the requirements of US federal agencies that make use of Nokia ’s technology and product portfolio such as IP Routing, Optical Networking, Microwave, 5G , Private Wireless and Tactical Private Wireless.The move represents a major investment for Nokia, as the Finnish company aims to become one of the US government’s most trusted partners for 5G-ready solutions and other networking technologies.



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