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Nonprofit helps LGBTQI+ students navigate high school

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – LGBTQI+ nonprofit, We Are Family, is all set to host its first GSA leadership Camp this month.
The Gay Straight Alliance or Gender and Sexuality Alliance, is a club commonly found in high schools and some middle schools.
We Are Family will serve as mentors and sponsors, extending a guiding hand to both newly formed and existing GSA clubs.
The GSA leadership Camp is striving to create understanding for the trans and queer communities in high schools across the Lowcountry.
The camp starts Thursday and runs through Sunday.
Throughout the event, outside organizations sharing similar goals like Planned Parenthood and the Future Ready Education Initiative will be invited to speak and share valuable insights.
Students attending the camp will enjoy a mix of engaging activities while also receiving valuable education on how to effectively run their GSA clubs back at school.
We Are Family will be facilitating connections between schools and organizations and fostering a stronger sense of alliance in the community.
GSA clubs can have different focuses, ranging from activism, art, and education, to social support, providing a diverse platform for students to express themselves.
Recently, students from the GSA club at RB Stall secured a grant to establish a gender-affirming closet.
They sought We Are Family as their sponsor to help facilitate the funds needed for the project.
We Are Family Program Coordinator Gabby Mullins says this year felt like the perfect time to have the camp due to the state of the country.
“As a country right now, the United States has a lot just a very hostile climate toward queer and trans people right now unfortunately and so we thought there is no better time to try to foster more inclusive and diverse community values than right now and GSA are such a great way to do that,” Mullins said.
The upcoming camp has already closed registration for participants. However, there is still an opportunity to get involved by volunteering.
For more information and volunteer opportunities click here.
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