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“One of My Favorites”: Resurfaced Image of Bruce Lee With Chuck Norris Instills Nostalgia in Fans

Published 12/28/2022, 11:30 AM EST
The very names of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris bring to memory the iconic climax battle fought against the backdrop of the Colosseum, Rome, from the movie, ‘The Way of Dragon.’ They were instrumental in popularizing film and Kung-fu in the West. A vintage picture of the two martial arts legends is making rounds on the internet, and fans can’t stop reminiscing about the good old days.
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The martial arts icons are renowned for their exceptional combat skills. They share some similarities and also differences. While it is never boring to go through the memories of the classic battle sequence repeatedly, fans express their excitement at seeing the resurfaced photograph.
Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and more in the picture
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With his rapid fighting style and moves, Bruce Lee changed how Asian martial arts were viewed in the West. He took it to great heights to bring the world of cinema and combat sports together. The viral picture features four artists – Mike Stone, James Coburn, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee. All four actors majorly performed in action movies.
A fan on the post wrote, “The Original expendables.” While another wrote, “One of my favorites.” Another user commented, “Nice photo of some real legends.”
Lee met Norris a few years before the game-changing movie, ‘The Way of Dragon’ which completed its shooting in 1972. Norris was a teacher when he was offered the film. By 1972, Lee achieved unparalleled fame and recognition for his exceptional skills, knowledge, and wisdom. He had the liberty to write the script and choreograph the fight.
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Although the iconic battle was based on a script, Lee and Norris fought it so intensely that people still question whether it is an act or a real battle. But Lee’s death put an end to their on-screen magic. Lee passed away a few days before the release of the movie in 1973, which went on to become a huge box office success.
Similarities between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
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Lee and Norris were born in the same year, 1940. Both Lee and Norris gave importance to not only building expertise in martial arts skills but also spiritual growth. Each one developed an individual discipline of martial arts.
When Norris was on the verge of going bankrupt, he decided to try his luck in the cinema. Although he performed only a fight sequence in the 1972 movie with Bruce Lee, it is considered his real debut. ‘Breaker! Breaker’ and ‘Texas Ranger‘ are some of his best-known movies.
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While Lee was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people of the 20th century, Norris made several accomplishments as a karate and fighting champion. What was the first thing that sprang to mind when you saw the picture? Share in the comments.



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