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PBS wants to jam climate lectures into sports

Want to kick back and enjoy the Summer Olympics this year? Liberal media wants to use that time to shame you for not caring enough about climate change.
PBS, the liberal media outlet funded by your taxpayer dollars, wants sports and athletes to spend their time lecturing you about the climate. In case you haven’t heard, the Paris Olympics has a grand goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half compared to the 2016 and 2020 Olympics. Surely, that will somehow stop China from its ever-increasing emissions that undercut the rest of the world’s emissions reductions.
PBS wants every sporting event to turn into a lecture session, leaning on the New York Yankees environmental adviser (yes, that is apparently a thing) for guidance.
“If athletes are selling cars, if they’re endorsing banks, if they’re selling pizza, why can’t they sell environmental literacy,” we are told.
What are the reasons why climate affects sports? According to PBS, they include hurricanes (which have existed forever and are misleadingly tied to climate change by liberal media outlets), thunderstorms that cause rain delays, and the fact that the 2019 World Championship marathon had to be held at midnight because of extreme heat. The latter example is particularly funny given that the marathon was held in Qatar, a slave state that is among the hottest countries in the world.
It is safe to say that “climate change” is not to blame for being unable to run a marathon in the desert during the daytime.
Sports have become a convenient vehicle for liberal media to impose their cultural concerns. Who can forget Black Lives Matter being plastered all over basketball courts and football fields or Bob Costas lecturing halftime audiences about gun control? This climate doomerism is no different in that it is political propaganda being pushed to change nothing while the real problem goes unaddressed.



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