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Recent Events Prompt 3x MLB All-Star to Call Out Popular Comedian’s Brutal Donald Trump Roast

Published 12/28/2022, 2:30 AM EST
A retired MLB legend who once famously played for the New York Mets has now become an active political commentator. His heroics on the offense and defense alike made him a three-time All-Star player. Though he also played for the Philadelphia Phillies later, his 1986 World Series victory with the Mets remained mostly memorable. Without much of a guess, it’s none other than the man with unreserved opinions, Lenny Dykstra.
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Fearless and unapologetic with his statements, Dykstra has built a reputation as a forthright speaker. In recent times, he has persistently criticized the present US political administration. Moreover, he has also voiced his support for former US President Donald Trump on numerous occasions. Thus, Dykstra recently took a dig at the world-renowned talk show host Seth Meyers for once mocking the former President.
MLB legend in defense of Donald Trump
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A devout Trump supporter, Dykstra has made a sincere attempt to give Meyers a taste of his own humor. Dykstra has recently expressed his views on the present US Government’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine war on a persistent basis. Recently, he ridiculed Meyers for laughing at Trump’s speech at the UN Summit back in 2018. Because, as per Dykstra, the Trump predictions have finally come true.
PHILADELPHIA, PA – CIRCA 1993: Lenny Dykstra #4 of the Philadelphia Phillies looks on before stepping into the batters’ box during a Major League Baseball game circa 1993 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dykstra played for the Phillies from 1989 to 96. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Speaking at the convention in 2018, Trump said that Germany might become totally dependent on Russian energy in the future. Meyers shared the clip from Trump’s speech on his talk show and laughed at Trump’s words back then. However, fast-forward to 2022 and unfortunately, a somewhat similarly dire situation has fallen on Germany. After the ongoing war began, Russia cut off a gas pipeline to Germany, and the latter resorted to using coal.
As Germany is scrambling to find alternative measures for the perfect replacement, Trump’s supporters have highlighted an accurate prediction. So, Dykstra wasted no time in putting his point through either. The MLB legend first posted the flashback video of Meyers on his Twitter account, quoting, “Hmmm….”. Afterward, Dykstra re-shared the previous post, quoting, “I dig the ‘I’m trustworthy’ hand motions at the beginning.”
Dykstra has thus repeatedly portrayed his unhappiness with the ruling President Joe Biden’s moves amid the war. Moreover, the MLB icon lashed at Time Magazine’s decision to honor Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. According to Dykstra, the Ukrainian dignitary isn’t worthy of the title.
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In other topics, Dykstra has also challenged Elon Musk’s reign as the Twitter CEO. Dykstra has shown dissatisfaction over Musk’s ownership. Thus, Dykstra picked television personality Britt McHenry, as the perfect potential replacement for Musk.
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The situation at hand in Germany
After Russia closed down the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, Germany fired up its old coal power plants. So German environmental activists of a group named Letzte Generation have protested as a mark of concern. The activists glued themselves to the street, causing a road blockade amid their protest movement.
Lina Johnsen, an activist of the group, said, “We’re here today because we can’t just look and see what the government is doing right now. They’re not taking overdue measures to protect future generation’s lives. I’m more scared of how people will react when we fight for food or drinking water in a few decades. I want to circumvent this future. I don’t want this.”
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So what do you think about Lenny Dykstra’s opinion? Do you believe he is correct in his stance or is he wrong? Please let us know in the comments section.



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