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Socialist pol Tiffany Caban celebrates Communist Party leader, anarchist in newsletter

Socialist Councilwoman Tiffany Caban celebrated Women’s History Month by honoring a bevy of extremists — including a Communist Party leader pushing for the toppling of the U.S. and an anarchist who inspired President William McKinley’s assassination.
Caban’s newsletter sought to highlight 10 labor organizers, journalists, and artists, the missive noted.
“This Women’s History Month, we decided to lift up the lives and words of ten pathbreaking NYC women, some of whom made history back in the day, and some of whom continue to make history now,” the far-left Queens pol wrote. “These are some of the women whose spirit we hope to carry forward as we seek to build a safer, healthier city for all.”
3 Anarchist Emma Goldman inspired the assassination of President William McKinley and conspired in the failed assassination attempt of a steel magnate. Tiffany Caban’s Office
Leading the lefty list was Emma Goldman, a Russian immigrant and anarchist who advocated “for birth control and free love,” the newsletter noted.
Goldman, however, confessed in her autobiography she conspired with her lover, Alexander Berkman, in planning the failed assassination attempt on steel magnate Henry Clay Frick in response to the killing of striking workers in Homestead, Pa., in 1892.
Nearly a decade later, Leon Czolgosz, who fatally shot McKinley in Buffalo in 1901, said he was inspired by one of Goldman’s speeches declaring “all rulers should be exterminated,” The St. Louis Republic then reported.
Also highlighted was Elizabeth Flynn Gurley, chairwoman of the Communist Party USA, who the newsletter insisted “was imprisoned for her beliefs.”
Gurley was arrested in 1951 for violating the Smith Act, a federal law prohibiting advocating for violently overthrowing the government, and spent at least two years in prison.
3 Elizabeth Flynn Gurley was arrested with other US Communist Party leaders for violating the Smith Act, a federal law prohibiting advocating for violently overthrowing the government. Tiffany Caban’s Office
After her death in 1964, the Soviet Union held a state funeral for their comrade in Moscow’s Red Square, attended by 25,000 people.
Caban, a staunch advocate of sex workers, also spotlighted the trans activist and former prostitute Cecilia Gentili, whose funeral at St. Patrick’s Cathedral devolved into a “sacrilegious” affair, according to the church’s leaders.
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She was eulogized as “St. Cecilia, mother of all whores” and another mourner sang “Ave Maria” with the lyrics changed to “Ave Cecilia.”
Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R-Queens) slammed Caban as “reprehensible” for championing individuals who were vocal in their desire to “destroy this country.”
3 Trans activist and former sex worker Cecilia Gentili was eulogized at her funeral last month as “St. Cecilia, mother of all whores.” Tiffany Caban’s Office
“A Communist Party chair who was convicted for trying to overthrow the United States government should never be celebrated by anyone who claims to uphold American values,” Ariola told The Post.
Radical pols boosting anarchists and attempted murder conspirers shouldn’t surprise anyone, Councilwoman Inna Vernikov (R-Brooklyn) said.
“It makes perfect sense that the Marxists in the Council support this,” Vernikov said. “After all, they’re following in their radical footsteps by causing as much chaos as possible, and excusing and protecting the criminal element that has destroyed our city.”
Caban did not respond to a request for comment.



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