Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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‘Something’s Going to Break’

Stanley Druckenmiller shared his grave concerns about US government debt, stocks, and the economy.
The billionaire investor said he’s betting heavily on 2-year Treasuries, while shorting 30-year bonds.
Druckenmiller said he owns gold but should probably hold some bitcoin too.
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Stanley Druckenmiller has sounded the alarm on America’s spiraling debt, warned an economic disaster is looming, and issued a bleak outlook for stocks.
The billionaire investor and head of Duquesne Family Office also disclosed a huge bet on short-term Treasuries, and touted gold and bitcoin as solid bets, during a fireside chat at a recent Robin Hood Foundation event.
Here are Druckenmiller’s 10 best quotes, lightly edited for length and clarity:



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