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Taiwan’s former US envoy named as presidential frontrunner’s running mate

Taiwan’s top representative in the U.S., Hsiao Bi-khim attends a press conference by Taiwan’s APEC envoy Morris Chang during the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit in San Francisco, California, U.S. November 17, 2023. REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File photo Acquire Licensing Rights
TAIPEI, Nov 20 (Reuters) – Lai Ching-te, the frontrunner for Taiwan’s presidency, named on Monday Taipei’s former envoy to the United States as his running mate in January’s election, a high-profile diplomat well known in Washington but who Beijing denounces as a separatist.
Lai, vice president and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) presidential candidate, has led in most opinion polls ahead of the election, which is taking place as Taiwan comes under increased pressure from China to accept its sovereignty claim.
His running mate, Hsiao Bi-khim, 52, who had been Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to the United States since 2020, has extensive connections in Washington, had been widely expected to be Lai’s running mate.
In a post on his Facebook page, Lai said he would formally present Hsiao as his running mate on Monday afternoon. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said it had accepted her resignation.



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