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the predictions of one Athos Salomé, soothsayer ‘loved’ by the tabloids SparkChronicles

Under Area 51 in 2023 a tunnel will be opened that will connect us to another space-time dimension. The archaic, incomprehensible, illegible tercets continually reinterpreted, retranslated, Nostradamus. Now we also have the prophecies of Athos Salomeself-styled “Living Nostradamus”. The 36-year-old Brazilian who with his cheekbones redone Nicole Kidman for some time he has always ended up in the tabloids of half the planet for having guessed, like thousands of bookies around the world, Qatar’s World Cup winning teamin the last few hours he has dedicated himself to what will happen to us in the next twelve months.
Three crucial issues that our vaticina. The first, the most daring one, concerns the top secret military base located in Nevada. Well, Athos claims that a bit like the Channel tunnel under Area 51, repository of extraterrestrial mysteries and secrets, another wormhole will be opened that will connect us to another world. “The great minds on our earth are trying to contact another dimension, the wisdom of brilliant minds can attract and discover things beyond imaginable,” explained the prophet. The second prophecy concerns none other than the pandemic. With Wuhan-model virological labs popping up like mushrooms all over the world, let alone there’s no room for a good tirade about future pandemic viruses. Well, Salomé prophesied a “new virus” that it would be hiding no less than under the frozen surface of Antarctica.
“If this new virus is not controlled, suffering, mental and material damage will proliferate death and this virus will be known as the greatest grim reaper in history,” he pointed out, but did not indicate exactly where this virus is now , even if only to understand where and how to intervene promptly. Third and final prophecy: a seaweed to cure Covid. More than a prophecy, a Galenic advice. The Brazilian seer, in fact, suggests to the medical world that SARS Cov-2 can be treated with a seaweed full of minerals and vitamins found in the oceans. In short, the real Nostradamus compared to the “living” one seems to be a champion of reliability.



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