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US prepares to reimpose sanctions on Venezuela after Maria Colina Machado disqualified

Joe Biden’s administration announced it would give Maduro until April to bring Machado to power or impose new restrictions on production in Venezuela’s oil and gold industries.
government U.S. prepares to reinstate sanctions on Venezuelan oil, gold It went up a few months ago, Chavezmo on Friday passed judge’s decision to uphold the disqualification Maria Corina Machadoan opposition candidate in elections scheduled for this year.
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In October, Joe Biden’s administration lifted some six-month sanctions and decided to reinstate them after the Chavismo announcement, according to agencies. Bloomberg and Reuters According to U.S. government sources.
Biden’s key adviser on Latin America and the Caribbean retweeted the message on his X social network account.
U.S. President Joe Biden has lifted some sanctions on Venezuela in an effort to get Chavismo to agree to hold free and fair elections (Reuters/Tom Brenner)
As national security spokesman John Kirby confirmed during a daily White House meeting, the United States will wait several months. “We have options available to us. I’m not going to move forward with any of that at the moment, but we certainly have the option of sanctions and those kinds of measures that we can take.them until aprilWhite House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said at a press conference.
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Prior to the White House announcement, Chavezmo had announced that Venezuela would respond with “harsh” and “reciprocal” measures.
Nicolas Maduro casts doubt on election, says Barbados deal ‘severely wounded and in intensive care’ (Europa Press)
“We are very concerned about actions taken (by Washington) in the coming days that could be seen as infringing on this country’s right to live in peace, to progress and to lift all unilateral coercive measures,” Jorge said, as ruling party legislators led the talks with Opposition parties negotiate.
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Rodriguez, the younger brother of Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, told the media: “If there is any aggressive action, our response will be severe, reciprocal and aggressive.”
On Friday the 26th, Venezuela’s Supreme Court (TSJ) approved a political disqualification banning María Corina Machado from running in elections until 2036, which opposition leaders described on Monday as “ Judicial crime” behavior.
Opposition coalition presidential candidate Maria Corina Machado (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)
Last week, even before the announcement, the U.S. government had criticized the Venezuelan regime for other actions earlier this week to attack opponents or journalists.
Late on Tuesday, the U.S. State Department questioned Maduro’s authoritarian regime and said it was “deeply concerned by the arrest warrants and detentions of at least 33 Venezuelans.” But he also issued a warning to the Chávez regime: Violations of those agreements “will have consequences,” he said.
This statement comes after Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab ordered the arrest of journalist Sebastiana Barráez from Venezuela on Monday the 22nd . databaseand another group of communicators and human rights activists, including lawyers Tamara Sujú, Wender Villalobos, Norbey Marín and retired soldier Mari Mario Carratú Molina and José Colina. He accused them of conspiring within the framework of an operation he called “White Bracelets,” which Chavismo said was aimed at attacking Maduro.
Joe Biden (Reuters/Jonathan Ernst)
The Biden administration reached several agreements with the Maduro government around the end of 2023. The first of these involves the return flights from the United States to Caracas of Venezuelan citizens deported from North America.
Subsequently, within the framework of the Barbados Agreement, in which the regime committed the opposition to holding elections and lifting candidate bans, Washington’s second major action with Caracas was the partial lifting of sanctions against Venezuela over issues such as exploitation. Oil and gold.
The U.S. government said at the time that the deal would also be good for Americans. In the first few months, illegal oil sales in Venezuela have declined and returned to the legal market.
“Oil production is part of illicit trade, mainly with the People’s Republic of China but also with other countries including Iran. What we are seeing now is illicit trade returning to the formal sector after years of being out of it. This is positive because it prevents the product from reaching China and Iran. It’s better for the Venezuelan people because the oil is sold on the black market at a 30 to 35 percent discount. It’s good for American consumers because we There is access to the oil and other products that are needed,” Brian Nichols, the State Department’s undersecretary of state for Latin America and the Caribbean, said in November.
This week, Maduro appeared alongside Alex Saab, whom the United States released in exchange for 10 Americans imprisoned in Caracas (AP Photo/Jesús Vargas)
The third agreement was the most controversial of all because it also encountered no setbacks. In late December, the Chavista regime released ten Americans imprisoned in Caracas, but Involving the U.S. releasing Maduro ally Alex Saab who was detained on money laundering charges.
Saab is a Colombian businessman with close ties to Maduro, who has also been accused of being his spokesman. The agreement also involves the release of 20 more Venezuelan political prisoners.



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