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Which NFL Team Holds the Record for Most Trades in a Single Draft?

As many football fans understand, nothing is set in stone. Especially when it comes to the Draft. And with the 2024 NFL Draft on the horizon, do you know which team made the most trades in a single Draft?
Each team is guaranteed 7 picks, one for each round. However, rarely is a franchise able to use them all, with the trades in the past or future being the primary reason for the consumption of these picks. But there is one team which has done better than the most!
The 7 picks of the 2013 NFL Draft
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Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are considered top-notch wheelers and dealers. And they had their skills on display on the draft day of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Cowboys ended up with an unprecedented 7 picks for the draft that year!
The Cowboys had picks in every round except the seventh. They had two picks in the third round. The Cowboys are known for securing their spots later in the draft, rather than fighting over the top positions.
Jones had given up his first-round pick at 18th to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange the Cowboys received two picks. The first one was at 31st (Round 1) and overall 74th in the third round.
The Cowboys had traded away their 7th-round pick to the Miami Dolphins. They received offensive lineman Ryan Cook from the Florida-based team. And the Cowboys are poised to have another successful draft this year as well. How many picks do the Cowboys have this time around?
The Dallas Cowboys heading strong in 2024
With the 2024 NFL Draft still a month away, there could be a change in the order. But the Cowboys have a lot to play with this season as well. They currently have 5 picks in their hand.
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Round 1 – 24th overall pick
Round 2 – 58th overall pick
Round 3 – 87th overall pick
Round 7 – 230th overall pick (via the Las Vegas Raiders)
Round 7 – 241st overall pick
On top of that, the Cowboys are set to receive two additional picks in the fifth and sixth rounds. These are compensatory picks for the free-agent departures.
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Do you think the Cowboys will beat their record in the 2024 NFL Draft? Let us know in the comments.



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