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Who Is Poodle Moth? Fans Think It Could Be a ‘This Is Us’ Star

Could Poodle Moth in ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 11 be a star from NBC’s ‘This Is Us’? Here’s who fans suspect is singing under the mask.
Fox’s The Masked Singer Season 11 is here with Group C masks for “Billy Joel Night,” and fans get their first look at Poodle Moth. There aren’t many early clues regarding Poodle Moth’s identity, but eager viewers already think they know who’s singing beneath the mask. So, who could it be? Here’s who fans believe it is.
[Spoiler alert: The Masked Singer Season 11 spoilers regarding Poodle Moth and Group C singers ahead.]
Who is Poodle Moth in ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 11? Fans think it’s this well-known superstar
‘The Masked Singer’ Season 11 Group C singer Poodle Moth | Michael Becker/Fox
The Masked Singer Season 11 Group C singers take the stage for “Billy Joel Night,” and fans are excited to see four more new masks give their best go at a classic song. From the early previews, Group C may have several incredible singers. And Poodle Moth may be a force to be reckoned with.
Fox didn’t release much early footage of Poodle Moth, allowing fans to guess whether it’s a man or a woman under the costume. The costume shows the singer in a white fuzzy moth costume complete with a large head, two antennae, and large, round eyes.
An early preview posted to Instagram shows Poodle Moth outside at night, guided by lanterns. The singer also holds a cowboy hat and a journal with an American flag on the cover. Poodle Moth releases a sky lantern into the night, and the lantern has a moth symbol cut into the front.
So, who could be singing under the mask? Early guesses suggest singer/actor Mandy Moore is Poodle Moth. Moore released her debut studio album, So Real, in 1999, and it went platinum. More recently, she’s known for her work as Rebecca Pearson in the NBC drama This Is Us.
“My gut guess for moth based on these clues is Mandy Moore,” a fan wrote on Reddit.
“That’s what I was thinking,” another fan wrote. “I’d also like to throw out as a stretch the American Flag -> US flag -> US -> This is Us.”
Fans suspect that Poodle Moth will make it far in the competition
If Poodle Moth is Mandy Moore, there’s a good chance she makes it well beyond “Billy Joel Night” in The Masked Singer Season 11. A Reddit fan noticed that a preview clip shows host Nick Cannon wearing a suit next to Poodle Moth, which he also wears next to Gumball. This likely means that Gumball and Poodle Moth make it to the quarter-finals.
“Isn’t that the same suit that Nick is wearing when Gumball says, ‘I’m taking everyone down’?” a fan on Reddit wrote. “And because Gumball and Poodle Moth are in different groups, does that mean that Poodle Moth is possibly our fourth quarter-finalist?
Another fan posted spoilers to Reddit that indicate that Poodle Moth will make it past “Billy Joel Night” and Spaghetti and Meatballs will head home. “Lizard and Spaghetti and Meatballs are in the smackdown, while the other two are safe,” the fan wrote. “Spaghetti and Meatballs will be eliminated, and Lizard will be safe.”
These are the other Group C singers for ‘Billy Joel Night’
The Masked Singer Season 11 welcomes Clock, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Lizard to the stage for “Billy Joel Night” (in addition to Poodle Moth). “Billy Joel Night” brings the four masks together to sing the beloved singer’s hit songs. An early clip from the episode shows Spaghetti and Meatballs belting out the lyrics to “Only the Good Die Young.” Despite the spoilers stating that Spaghetti and Meatballs is likely the first singer to be unmasked from Group C, Ken Jeong is impressed.
“Oh my God, he sounds like Billy Joel!” Jeong says to Jenny McCarthy.
The Reddit user who might’ve spoiled who heads home also revealed that panelist Robin Thicke will sing his rendition of “My Life.” Fans can look forward to another panelist showing off their singing chops.
The Masked Singer Season 11 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.
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