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Why does fog form during mild weather?

While we enjoy these peaceful weather conditions, you may have noticed a familiar occurrence: fog.
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COLUMBIA, South Carolina โ€” As the skies clear, the Earth’s surface radiates heat back into space, leading to cooling. This cooling, along with moist air, creates ideal fog conditions.
Fog emerges when the air at the surface cools to the dew point, the temperature at which water vapor condenses into droplets.
Fog formation is also influenced by winds. A strong breeze will usually mix the air at the surface, preventing fog, but calm winds, or no wind at all, allow for the gradual cooling needed for fog to develop.
Think of it like this: still air allows the temperature at ground level to cool more efficiently, reaching that dew point where fog can materialize. It’s a delicate dance between temperature, moisture, and airflow.



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