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Gymnast Yul Moldauer ‘Motivated’ for US Olympic Trials After Heartwarming Send Off by Colorado Community

What motivates athletes competing in the Olympics? For Renowned gymnast Yul Moldauer, it’s the support of the younger community hailing from Colorado. Moldauer, who grew up in Colorado, is redoubling his efforts to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials. At the 2023 World Championships, he helped Team USA in winning a bronze, making him the oldest male gymnast in the United States to win a medal at 27 years old.
The send-off from his community not only honors his prior accomplishments but also strengthens his will for the challenges that lie ahead. A unique celebration was planned on June 25, 2024, at Moldauer’s home gym. To offer support, more than 100 individuals came together. There was energy and support in the gym as people filled it with signs, applause, and personal notes.
Being part of 5280 Gymnastics, Moldauer grew up training there and is now an inspiration to the next generation. Yul Moldauer uses his roots as power rather than just competition when he takes the floor. Moldauer says, “What keeps me motivated in the gym is thinking about my home, my home gym, my family.“ For him, the gym is a support network that keeps him motivated alongside being a place to work out.
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Moldauer imagines the faces of those who believe in him each time he closes his eyes and inhales deeply before a special event. “It’s my family, it’s my support system, it’s everything,“ he says. This emotional bond gives him the motivational push he needs to succeed. However, his path takes on much more significance because he is a role model. “To see all these little kids looking up to me, it’s a big role,“ Moldauer notes. The 27-year-old strives to lead by action both on and off the mat with the force of their respect.
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Yul Moldauer’s thoughts ahead of the Paris Olympics
The 27-year-old gymnast was asked a fascinating question on a recent EssentiallySports Exclusive Fancast. “Do you take pride in being an Asian American athlete?” This question sparked a meaningful conversation about passion and personality in sports. Yul Moldauer gave a moving reaction, expressing a strong feeling of pride in his ancestry. “Oh, I take huge pride in being an Asian athlete. I want to inspire not just Asians but every little kid to do gymnastics,” he said. His remarks are in line with a larger goal of motivation.
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However, Moldauer continued by thanking his adoptive family and highlighting that everyone can lead a happy life, regardless of background. He solidified, giving more details to his journey of achievement in both sports and personal life. “You can have a normal life no matter what you look like, what you believe in.”
Moreover, the gymnast concluded his journey and goals with a powerful statement that said, “If you want to come to America and accomplish your dreams, you can do it.” His words are evidence of the opportunities that are out there. “If you have one hater, you’ve made it,” he said in his wise and humorous note, pointing all that success frequently comes with obstacles and critics. Thus, the gymnastics community will be keeping a close eye on the trials as they get closer. Everyone is expecting that Moldauer will be able to lock down a spot on the American Olympic team for Paris 2024.



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