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Joe Biden Admits He ‘Almost Fell Asleep’ During Disastrous Debate with Trump, Explains Why

There’s a lot at stake in the upcoming 2024 elections, especially for Joe Biden after his debate debacle with political rival Donald Trump. The 81-year-old is under massive scrutiny over his confused demeanor, cognitive abilities, and other issues stemming from his old age. However, during a fundraiser in Virginia, the POTUS admitted he “almost slept” at his debate with Trump, citing this reason.
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The 46th president of the United States blamed his “international travels” for his absent-mindedness during the debate. “I wasn’t very smart. I decided to travel around the world a couple of times … shortly before the debate,” Biden explained the reason to donors in Virginia. “I didn’t listen to my staff … and then I almost fell asleep on stage.” But clarified, “It’s not an excuse but an explanation,” as per The Hill.
While admittedly, Biden has been under immense pressure to win the elections and his schedule must’ve taken a toll on him considering his age. His whole week was jam-packed before the political debate. Firstly, he was at Camp David preparing for the face-off after spending the Juneteenth holiday at Rehoboth Beach. Before that, he was jet-setting back-to-back to France to mark the D-Day anniversary and then to Italy for the G7.
#Biden must step aside. I think #KamalaHarris has a better shot than Biden at the presidency — Andrea Lisi, CFA (@Andrea_Texas_82) July 3, 2024
According to The New York Times, Democrats accepted that Biden’s frequent lapses, missing cues, and mixing facts are worrisome ahead of the 2024 presidential bid. However, they also noted that nearly 23 days before the debate, the POTUS traveled across the Atlantic twice and it drained him enough to not perform to his full capability, hence the poor performance.
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The preparations for the debate included an afternoon nap each day and the rehearsals never started before 11 am, according to a person familiar with the process. A White House spokesperson, Andrew Bates, “the president was working well before [11 am]” after exercising. This information justified his disorientation while arguing his way with his opponent Trump at the CNN debate.
Folks, I might not walk as easily or talk as smoothly as I used to.
I might not debate as well as I used to.
But what I do know is how to tell the — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) June 28, 2024
Since the debate catastrophe, there’s a growing concern among Americans but his aides working closely with Biden, including foreign officials, assure he’s certainly not like this all the time. They claimed that the POTUS is very much in “good shape, alert, coherent and capable, engaged in complicated and important discussions and managing volatile crises.”
Furthermore, anonymous White House officials claimed that Biden is in excellent shape, both mentally and physically, and while his debate performance was disappointing, it was an aberration. For instance, Kevin C. O’Connor, the White House physician, shed light in February that except for minor ailments like sleep apnea and peripheral neuropathy in his feet, Biden is “fit for the duty.”
Folks, I know I’m not a young man, but I know how to do this job.
I know how to tell the truth. Donald Trump does not.
Watch our new ad. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 1, 2024
More of the president’s aides like his domestic policy adviser, Neera Tanden, echoed the “he’s fit” narrative, “He’s inquisitive. Focused. He remembers. He’s sharp.” She insisted that during briefings, “he will ask you a tough question and he will say, ‘How does this relate to an average person?’ And if you haven’t thought of that in that time, you have to come back to him.”



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