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My Company Sells Products Containing Kratom. The Government Should Regulate Us

A slew of recent news headlines have focused on something that many Americans had never heard of—kratom. A Chicago suburb passed an ordinance to ban it just as Rhode Island took steps toward lifting a ban. National Geographic published a piece about how little information is available on kratom despite its use by about 2 million Americans—quite possibly more, as Newsweek has reported. And Indonesia, a leading exporter, announced its own new regulations.
I come at this with a unique perspective. I’m a health fanatic, and a couple of years ago, became CEO of a company that sells kratom products. Many people are surprised when I tell them where I stand. I want the government to regulate any and all products that include kratom. Doing so would be best for people’s health and safety.
It would also be the best move for business. The global kratom market is valued at $1.9 billion and expected to triple by 2030. Bans leave parts of the United States out of this lucrative industry; regulation would help ensure safety and maintain the tremendous benefits of kratom while minimizing the risks.
To understand why, it’s important to start with kratom is—and isn’t.
Capsules of kratom are seen. Capsules of kratom are seen. Joe Raedle/Getty Images
As the National Institutes of Health explained, kratom is a tree in the coffee family. People in southeast Asia have long used its leaves for traditional medicine. Two compounds from kratom



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