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US v Trump: Day 3 of Trump classified documents hearings comes to a close

UPDATE: This afternoon’s hearing has ended with no decision made in the case.
Judge Cannon again reportedly continued to appear skeptical toward both prosecution and the defense arguments.
Lawyers for former President Trump argued that the search of his Mar-a-Lago property in August 2022 was without probable cause and a violation of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s constitutional rights.
Trump attorneys and federal prosecutors appeared in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Tuesday before Judge Aileen Cannon.
Trump attorney Emil Bove argued that the search was impermissably large, arguing that the Mar-a-Lago property is 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, and that the federal government needed to establish probable cause for a search of the property in its entirety.
Cannon expressed skepticism, asking Bove: “What’s your point? It’s a property.”
Bove reportedly went on to explain areas the FBI agents took photos of–areas he said they were not supposed to search, like former First Lady Melania Trump’s bedroom, the gym and Barron Trump’s room.
Cannon pressed back, saying: “You can agree though, paperwork is a thing you could find anywhere.”
Cannon was essentially suggesting that classified documents could have been found anywhere in the home.
Bove also argued that the government told the magistrate judge–who signed off on the warrant– certain things but did not fully brief FBI agents on where to search during the raid.
Bove said FBI agents executing the search are in no position decide unilaterally where to search, and what were personal records of Trump and what was not.
Bove went on to say there were omissions in the information given to the magistrate judge, arguing that some FBI agents said the search was unnecessary and that Trump should’ve been given a heads up.
Bove said the agents were interested in “consent” from Trump.
Bove is still making arguments as of now.
Fox News’ Jake Gibson and Claudia Kelly-Bazan contributed to this report.



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